September 2014
Source de l'article : Bankinfo Security

Home Depot Faces Canadian Breach Suit

By Jeffrey Roman, September 23, 2014

Latest in Series of Legal Actions Against Retailer By Jeffrey Roman

A $500 million class action lawsuit against Home Depot has been filed in Canada following the disclosure by the retailer that 56 million payment cards were exposed in a data breach.

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August 2014
Source de l'article : Robert Siciliano in Featured , IT

Data Breaches: How To Protect Your Business From Internal Threats

July 23 2014 By Robert Siciliano in Featured , IT

The biggest threat to your data may not come from external hackers. Here's how to guard against intentional or accidental internal cyber breaches.

The NSA leaks we keep hearing about are a constant reminder of just how vulnerable data is and how this vulnerability can result in data breaches by organization insiders

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July 2014
Source de l'article : MARKET WATCH - Wall Street Journal

Hackers bypass online security at 34 banks

July 23, 2014 By Priya Anand, MarketWatch

Cybercriminals are sneaking past security protections to access online accounts across 34 banks in Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Japan. And in doing so, experts say, the hackers are defeating what’s often touted as one of the more effective online security protocols.

The attack can get past two-factor authentication, which requires customers .....

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July 2014
Source de l'article : FierceMarkets

Restaurant chains possible victims of POS data breach

July 2, 2014 | By Laura Heller

Another day, another data breach, this time effecting yet unnamed restaurants in the northwestern United States.

Information & Supplies, a Vancouver, Washington-based POS and security systems provider, recently notified restaurant customers of a remote-access compromise that may have exposed credit and debit card data from POS transactions between Feb. 28 and April 18

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March 2014
Source de l'article : Infogerance . fr


17 décembre, 2012

dans Paroles d'experts - Interviews, PCI - par Priscilla Fernandes

Il est désormais établi que même si une entreprise n’a pas l’obligation d’être certifiée PCI DSS, il est fortement conseillé de mettre en œuvre autant de normes que possible pour assurer la sécurité les données des porteurs de carte de paiement.

On estime qu’un revendeur par semaine subit un acte de piratage en France. Certains vont même jusqu’à parler d’un piratage par jour. .........

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